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Runner Tracker: A GPS tracking device need not be big, bulky and expensive. What's more, a system that allows your friends and family to follow your runs makes the experience more exciting and enjoyable for all involved.

Marathon Information Resources

Top 10 Marathons in the World:

1. London Marathon, April - (website)
2. Berlin Marathon, September - (website)
3 = New York City Marathon, November - (website)
3 = Chicago Marathon, October - (website)
5. Boston Marathon, April - (website)
6. Stockholm Marathon, June - (website)
7. Rotterdam Marathon, April - (website)
8. Paris Marathon, April - (website)
9. Honolulu Marathon, December - (website)
10. Amsterdam Marathon, October - (website)

Adventure Marathons: (

1. The Great Wall Marathon - (website)
2. The Big Five Marathon - (website)
3. Petra Marathon - (website)
4. The Polar Circle Marathon - (website)
5. The Solar Eclipse Marathon - (website)

Ironman Races:

Half Marathons:

Half Marathon Search:

Half Marathon Club:

Marathon Guide:

Running in the USA: One of the largest online directory of races, results and clubs.

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